January 23, 2011

Trying to do more comics

People often ask what I'm up to. Here's one answer:

The last few years I've been building my empire in related fields--mostly writing about political and cultural issues--while slowly working on my comics. In the last year or so I've pushed the comics a little harder while launching other creative projects. But I could be doing more.

Blue Corn Comics should be able to develop a comics model that works. Maybe find young Native artists in colleges or programs like the Institute of American Indian Arts' and hire them cheap. Write and draw short (8-page) stories for a variety of properties: some in the PEACE PARTY universe and some not. Post them on the Web and get people excited about Native comics. Use them as tools to attract advertisers, sponsors, foundations, publishers, or studios--whoever wants to invest money in the product. If a big fish comes along and bites, we move into a serious publishing enterprise. If not, we put out a stream of low-cost, high-quality stories until we can afford to do more.

Seeking Native talent

To do this, we'll need more Native writers and artists interested in this kind of endeavor. Once again, therefore, I suggest people send me samples of or links to their work.

Read the guidelines and send material related to comics, if possible. Being skilled at one kind of writing or drawing doesn't necessarily mean you're ready to do comics. But if you're ready, submit.

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