September 15, 2011

Limbaugh cheers Freedmen expulsion

Rush Limbaugh Celebrates Native Americans For Refusing To Obey US Government

By Jon BershadThe story that caught Limbaugh’s eye is the battle between the Cherokee Nation and the US government over whether or not they have to allow the “freedmen” to vote in tribal matters. The freedment are black descendants of slaves the Cherokees owned centuries ago. Since being freed, they have remained living with the tribe. However, the tribe has recently decided that they can’t vote in elections of tribal leaders since they don’t have direct Cherokee ancestry. The government has told the tribe that, if the freedmen can’t vote, they will not recognize the election results as valid.

Yes, Native Americans and slave descendants. It certainly seems like the sort of story just waiting for Limbaugh to say something off-color about. However, today he was just too distracted by the Cherokee specifics. “They have their own Supreme Court?!” he marveled.

“So we have a whole little country here operating in America with their own rules,” Limbaugh summed up. “They need the largesse of the federal government but they don’t want to live with federal rules. I kind of like that.”
Comment:  It goes without saying that Limbaugh is ignorant about tribal sovereignty and Indian law. I'm guessing he's surprised Indians still exist.

I'm confident he knows nothing about the Freedmen issue. In fact, I bet he's cheering the Cherokees for expelling the Freedmen because he doesn't like blacks.

"I'm glad someone isn't afraid to deal with America's welfare moochers and cheaters," he might've said. "While the liberal elites in the US government bow and scrape to the darkies, the savage Indians are willing to teach them a lesson."

For more on Limbaugh, see Limbaugh Lies About Thanksgiving and Limbaugh:  Indians = "Redskins," "Clowns." For more on the Freedmen, see US Threatens Cherokees Over Freedmen and Cherokee Supreme Court Expels Freedmen.

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