September 08, 2011

Chief Zee's successor?

Someone asked about pro football mascots and I mentioned the Redskins' Chief Zee, an old black man who dresses up as a stereotypical Indian for games. I Googled him to learn the latest about Zee and found these quotes:

Cheap Seats Daily:  Could Chief Zee Sway Supreme Court Case?For people who aren’t from the Washington D.C. area, Zema Williams (a.k.a. Chief Zee) is the racist asshole who throws on a warbonnet and beaded warshirt at Washington Redskins games and proceeds to dance around like an unmitigated fucktard. He has become the unofficial de facto mascot of the Redskins, despite the fact that he’s basically Native America’s Al Jolson in blackface.There isn’t enough space on this blog to list everything that’s wrong with what he’s doing, nor is there enough space to explain how offended Native people and I, as a Native person, are offended by this assclown. What possibly sticks in the craw the most is the fact that November 7, 1985 was declared ‘Chief Zee’ day in Washington D.C.–right smack in the middle of American Indian Heritage Month.And:[M]aybe the lead plaintiff in the case against Snyder, Suzan Harjo, should just rent Chief Zee for a day if her case comes up, and just have him walk around the Supreme Court entrance in costume. Even Antonin Scalia would admit have to admit "Redskins" is offensive after a glimpse at Zee's gameday getup.

But here's a twist I didn't know about. Someone dressed as an even more stereotypical Indian wants to succeed Chief Zee.

Chief Zee's Successor?

By Dan SteinbergChildren, don't be afraid to dream big. There's nothing you can't do if you put your mind to it. That's why a 45-year old hair salon owner from Fort Washington, Anthony Jordan, thinks he could someday replace a legend, Chief Zee.

"I want to be the next big chief," said Jordan, who calls himself Chief J Strongbow and runs the Hair Jordan salon. "I want to be his protege. He's Zee, I'm J....I'd love to hear from Zee, and I'd love if he gave me the opportunity to appoint me his new protege whenever he's ready."

Controversial, I know, and no one's ready for Chief Zee to go anywhere, but it's nice to know there are other men willing to....well, however you describe this.

In the case of "Chief J Strongbow," who's been dressing up for three years, this includes a new $320 headdress purchased on the Internet especially for the Dallas game, a tomahawk made of several nerf products and a nerf dot blower bought at the Dollar Store, feathers procured from his previous headdress, a chest protector found for $30, Redskins sneakers, a Redskins watch, and a bunch of exposed American flesh.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Debating Chief Zee and Redskins Mascot = Old Black Man.

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