September 10, 2011

Thundercloud Radio

Native radio station promotes voices of Native musicians/rappers

By Jacob CroonenberghsThundercloud Radio is an Internet radio station that plays Native Hip Hop, Native Soul, Native Rap, Native R&B, and Native Reggae. Featuring Native tracks from Hawaii to Greenland, Thundercloud Radio plays both upcoming and established artists on their show. The station's goal is to someday become the world leader in Native radio.

The radio station's producer, Simon Roberts, has been devoted to creating and facilitating the Native radio station. Roberts, also known by his Disk Jockey handle "Big Bad," has helped design Native social networks such as, and search engines to find Native artists on the Internet.
Comment:  For more on Native radio, see Native Voice 1 Celebrates 5th Anniversary and Pala's Rez Radio.

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