September 05, 2011

Racist Redskins had racist owner

In Redskins:  The Elephant in the Room, blogger Cynthia Coleman writes about a new book about former Redskins owner George Preston Marshall. Apparently Marshall was an "unapologetic racist" who didn't hire a black player until he was forced to in 1962.

The book is getting publicity in major media outlets, but Coleman hasn't found anyone talking about the "elephant in the room": the Redskins' stereotypical team name and logo. People are appalled at Marshall's racism, but don't see or care about the team's ongoing racism.

She explains why this is a problem:Framing news is more then what gets punched up in a news story. It also means the omission of details.

In this case the omission is key: by ignoring in their stories the elephant-in-the-room—the name Redskins—journalists are participating in framing-by-omission and failing their readers.
Comment:  For more on the Redskins, see The Last Acceptable Racism and Critics Slam Snyder's Hypocrisy.

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