September 03, 2011

Oneida pro cyclist

Cole House Is the Fastest American Indian on Two Wheels

By Jack McNeelToday in St. Louis, Cole House will ply his trade in the Gateway Cup. This four-day racing event is the longest standing bike race in the city, and will be a good test of Cole House’s development into a world-class cyclist.

It’s a pretty safe bet that Cole House is the fastest American Indian on two wheels. As far as Cole knows, he’s the only Native currently racing bicycles on the pro circuit. “I know of a few who race for fun but not at a professional level,” he says.

Cole is from the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, Wolf Clan, and lives in Wisconsin. His mother, Toni House, is Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin and his father is half Ojibwa/Oneida and half Belgian. Cole’s Indian name is Tekastoslunti. His mother, Toni, explained: “It’s like a floating feather. How I saw it, before he was born, a feather was falling from the sky. When I told the lady about it, that’s what she came up with.”
Comment:  For more on Indians and bicycles, see Nonprofit Donates Bicycles to Navajos. For more on Indians and racing, see First Native NASCAR Team Owner and First Native Female NASCAR Truck Owner.

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