March 15, 2013

Navajo tattoo artist

From convict to businessman

Navajo tattoo artist's success written in ink

By Shondiin Silversmith
For an ex-con, the road to respectability is long, hard and mostly uphill.

Lucas Blackie knows it well.

When the opportunity presented itself, the Navajo tattoo artist took it, and now he is the proud owner of a small tattoo shop in Rock Springs, Wyo.

"Tattoos by Blackness" is the name of the shop Blackie, 32, has been the proud owner of since 2011, but originally he first started working at the shop in 2009 as an artist when it was called "Screaming Stagecoach," and when an opportunity came up to buy it he jumped on it .

"I didn't want to settle just as an artist, I wanted to start my own legacy, and I believe this is the beginning," Blackie said.
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