July 03, 2013

Cheyenne sacred clown in Longmire

TV 'Longmire' is Gary Farmer a Cheyenne tribal 'Sacred Clown'?

By Roscoe PondThe episode “Tell It Slant” opens with Walt Longmire having a nap on his couch in his log cabin. He is dreaming of a Native American man wearing a white mask with feathers dangling from his head. Is it a dream? Or is it happening in front of Walt as he rises to walk toward his front porch. The Native male is riding a horse backwards & waves at Walt who is confused. It turns out not to be a dream after all. Does Walt predict what comes to him involving homicide? (In the mystery novels--Walt sees things no one does while investigating murder).

Longmire tells his deputies that there is a man who walks backward in the town square wearing a mask. He calls himself a Cheyenne tribal 'Sacred Clown.' He influences people to see beyond the normal & Walt believes this man told him that there has been a murder. He was right. They found a local psychic named Cassandra strangled to death in her home. She is also a Cheyenne Indian whose brother Aaron 'Two Rivers' (Gary Farmer) was the man who rode by Longmire's cabin in that mask.
Comment:  From what I've read, Longmire seems to have Native plots and characters most of the time. I haven't commented on them because I haven't seen them. This episode seemed particular interesting because of the bit of Cheyenne culture. Which may or may not be authentic.

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Below:  Gary Farmer not in Longmire.

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