July 26, 2013

Wes Studi arrested for DWI

Wes Studi charged with aggravated DWISanta Fe police confirm that Studi was arrested at 1 a.m. off of Old Pecos Trail and East San Mateo Road. The car he was found in was at a stop sign, and the two front tires were blown out.

Police said he refused a breath test, and was booked into Santa Fe County jail on a charge of aggravated DWI.
The details missing from the initial reports:

Native actor Wes Studi staggering drunk, spewing hate at police officer (Video)

By Roscoe PondNative American actor Wes Studi who starred in films such as “Avatar,” “Geronimo” & “Dances with Wolves” was arrested Friday morning on July 26, 2013 at 1 a.m. He was charged with aggravated DWI by Santa Fe police after Wes refused to take a field sobriety, breath alcohol & blood tests. He wanted a lawyer present while screaming derogatory words at the arresting officer. Wes was brought to jail & held with no cash bond at 4 a.m. He later pleaded not guilty when arraigned in court on Friday at 1:30 p.m. His bond was set at $3,000. The camera on the Santa Fe police vehicle shows Wes as staggering & drunk. He slurred his speech & admitted to driving. Then seconds later denied that he drove a car. At certain moments on camera the police officer had to keep Wes from falling over.

The black Volvo car did not belong to Wes Studi. It had a Missouri state license plate that was owned by a not-yet named 51 year old female. She told police officers that Wes was indeed drinking before he got behind the wheel to drive. She claims that her car hit something in the road that blew out two tires on the left side. They ended up on the Old Pecos Trail near East San Mateo street.

A driver in a security truck saw Wes trying to fix one of the flat tires. Wes had asked for a ride, but then fell over onto the ground. He & his lady friend had come from a performance at the Santa Fe plaza last Thursday night at approximately 8:46 p.m. The plaza has a summer music series each year & Wes joined the R&B group, “Jay Boy Adams and Zenobia” to sing a song. The couple later proceeded to the Palace Restaurant & Saloon.

News of Wes Studi's arrest brought all three local Albuquerque news teams to investigate. They are KOB 4 (NBC), KOAT 7 (ABC) & KRQE 13 (CBS). It also was covered by both the Albuquerque Journal & the Santa Fe New Mexican newspapers. The Santa Fe police camera of the arrest then was released to the public. It is 43 minutes long & shows Wes Studi as incoherently drunk who screams at the police officers with foul language.

On camera Wes is seen mumbling to himself in the back of the police vehicle. He was handcuffed with his hands behind his back. At one point he decided to get free by struggling with the seat belt. As the unknown female got in the front seat to be questioned by the police. Wes began screaming foul language at her too.

The arresting officer finally opened the back door to inform Wes he was being arrested. Wes did not understand why. The officer told him clearly again that he was being arrested for being under the influence of liquor or drugs. Wes then continued to scream foul interracial hatred toward the officer, “All your women would so much rather be with one of us. All your F****** women. All your F****** women. You stupid F****** white men.” (The police officer is a white male).
Comment:  DWI = driving while intoxicated.

So Studi was found with a "lady friend" who wasn't his wife? And when collared, he screamed, "All your women would so much rather be with one of us"? Hmm, sounds suspicious.

For more on Wes Studi, see Wes Studi Supports Gay Marriage and Studi Named "Great Western Performer."


dmarks said...

Isn't he the most prominent (only?) Native involved in "Avatar" also?

Anonymous said...

Very sad. This man has talent in many areas. Hope he still continues to support the Native community.

Thanks for the updates--

Anonymous said...

Never judge a man unless you've walked 1,000 miles in his moccasins.