October 06, 2006

Beach buzz

'Flags' Draped in Oscar BuzzThe emotional center of "Flag" is Ira Hayes (Beach), a Pima Indian who endures ugly racism even while being hailed as a hero.

The left-leaning Academy is likely to be receptive to the movie's skepticism about the government's truthfulness, which many will likely relate to the current administration's role in Iraq.

It wouldn't be the first time Oscar voters were tickled by a political twist in one of Eastwood's movies--2004's "Million Dollar Baby," with what many took as a stealth pro-choice message, won the Best Picture Oscar.

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Rob said...

As far as I know, The Dark Wind was the only Hillerman novel to make it to the screen before the PBS movies. And I liked it better than the PBS movies, even though it starred Fred Ward and Lou Diamond Phillips.