December 09, 2006

Maya to blame for their own poverty?

Regarding Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto"No, the extreme impoverished lives most Mayans live are not due to the "excesses of their ancestors," as stated in an ABC segment with Mel Gibson about "Apocalypto," but rather to the same institutionalized racism of church, military, and government, which could not even recognize our own Indian ancestors as human, justifying their wholesale slaughter, Christian conversion via boarding schools, and the taking of our lands.

Before we rush to pat Gibson on the back we should understand that the same religious, government, military, and corporate institutions who systematically conspired to take our lands and destroy our culture here in the North, also have had a hand in the demise of the ancient and contemporary Maya people. When the Spaniards invaded Central America in the 16th century, ancient Maya texts were burned so that the people would forget their history and a new history, more palatable to Europeans, could replace it.

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Rob said...

Apparently nobody on the Web has a transcript of the "Primetime Special: Mel Gibson's Apocalypto," which aired 11/23/06. So I haven't confirmed what Gibson said.

But to blame the Mayas' present situation on the "excesses of their ancestors" is a remarkable thing. Even without confirmation, that claim deserves wider exposure.