December 17, 2006

Movie year in review

…Nary a Bead or Feather as Far as the Eye Can See. Are You Watching?2006 was a very good year. A year where nary a bead or feather as far as the eye can see except in documentary footage. Natives. Old Natives, young Natives. Mean Natives; nice Natives. Fat Natives. Sexy, sexy Natives. Urban, suburban and reservation Natives. Natives in gangs; Natives in love; Natives in uniform; Natives in courtrooms. Documentaries; comedies and true-life dramas. Natives. Indians. Aboriginals.

The Journals of Knud Rasmussen. Expiration Date. One Dead Indian. Indian Summer: The Oka Crisis. UnNatural and Accidental. The Velvet Devil. Teachings of the Tree People. Trail of Tears: Cherokee Legacy. Dude vs. Dude. Gang Aftermath. Silent Thunder. Dude Vision. Clean Fight. Dream Makers. The Canary Effect. The Border Crossed Us, and a few fat Hollywood nuggets, Apocalypto and Flags of Our Fathers.

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