May 09, 2007

Nova lays Pocahontas bare

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 5/8/07:

PBS 'Nova' tackles Pocahontas storyDid Pocahontas, daughter of powerful Chief Powhatan, save John Smith's life, thereby saving the Jamestown colony from starvation and paving the way for the future United States of America?

For the answer, "Nova" goes to Jamestown, where remains of the Colonists' fort were found in 1994, and to a farm in Gloucester County, where remains of Werowocomoco, Pocahontas' village, were discovered just a few years ago.

The hour-long documentary also relies on several Richmond area locations for its re-enactments, plus input from the state's Indian tribes, including casting Ashlee Harless of the Rappahannock tribe as the young Pocahontas.

Alternating between re-enactments and archaeological evidence, "Pocahontas Revealed" tells the story of a veteran English adventurer and his relationship with Powhatan, a powerful Indian leader, and one of his daughters, young Pocahontas.
Comment:  For a preview and an educational website about Pocahontas Revealed, see Preview of Pocahontas Revealed.

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