September 10, 2007

Couer d'Alene kids rock at camp

Rock'n the Rez lets young people show their skillsGroup after group appeared on-stage to do their thing. Those from the culture camp gave a PowerPoint presentation showing their activities and a piece of rawhide they were making into a box for storage. Some had necklaces they had made and were planning to present to a parent or grandparent. But mostly there was a lot of dancing and singing.

The youth leaders had been taught hip hop, stomp, break dancing, ballroom dancing and salsa. They had then taught their groups some of those dances and all were evident on stage. Many of the girls were dressed in long gowns and many of the boys wore dress shirts and ties, some added sports coats and a couple even had formal tuxedo jackets.

The Coeur d'Alene Tribe has funded this all nine years and it's grown from a one-week camp to the present five-week camp. It's also grown from about 30 kids to 200 this year. Louie added, "We have lots of film. In years past we've done a music video and short films and that can be found on Indian children all over can go to that Web site and see what we've done."

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