September 08, 2007

Indians were football's best

Osage Nation Film Festival Features Original Footage Of Oklahoma’s Hominy Indians, 1927 NFL ChampionsWho was the greatest team in professional football? Many believe it was the Miami Dolphins with a 17-0 perfect season while others argue it was Terry Bradshaw’s Pittsburgh Steelers. Of course, you can never over look Joe Montana’s San Francisco Forty-Niners, but according to two Oklahoma writers the greatest professional football team ever were the Hominy Indians who defeated the New York Giants, in 1927, the day after Christmas, to become the National Champions of the National Football League. If you are a native Oklahoman, love the game of football, and don’t know who the Hominy Indians were you have neglected your football education long enough, come to The 1st Annual Osage Nation Film Festival, September 14–15, 2007, in historic downtown Pawhuska, OK and watch original footage of America’s greatest football team of the 1920s & 1930s. The documentary style footage can be seen throughout the day on Saturday in Pawhuska’s historic Fire Station located at 900 Lynn, behind City Hall. Football & history buffs will witness the Indians first hand as they traveled from coast to coast playing their unique style of football on everything from fields that were nothing more than chalked-off pastures to stadiums that seated 50,000 roaring fans. The Indians played because they loved the game but more importantly because they could play as an all-Indian Unit. The Indians gave up football after the 1932 season, but for 10 amazing years, the Hominy Indians were a big-time pro football team in Oklahoma. Were the Indians really that great you ask? Well, according to a brother of an Indian player, George S. Halas refused to allow his Chicago Bears to play the Indians. The reason is not known but perhaps it could be that one of the fathers of the NFL did not want his Bears beaten by a group of unheralded and unknown Oklahoma Indians.

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Unknown said...

thanks for posting this. I am an Oklahoma native living in Atlanta with a family who is partially Native American and completely Football Obsessed. I originally saw this story in the Ponca City News and I sent the link from your site out to my whole family so that they could check out your blog.