September 13, 2007

"Redskin" magazine to launch

Redskin MagazineA negative stereotype is hurtful, haunting and remains as an emotional scar pasted from generation to generation. The power of the spoken and written word within our modern lifestyle can now be harnessed with the united voice from our indigenous people around the globe.

We introduce you to our newest publication called REDSKIN MAGAZINE. Redskin is an Indigenous owned and operated provocative publication penetrating the critical intersection of indigenous beauty, power, politics and art through the explosive forces of sexuality and humor. With an international niche Redskin constantly grows and develops with its edgy wit, sensibility and aesthetic.

Taking cues from other successful mainstream publications, Redskin magazine looks to speak with a strong cultural voice while celebrating our unique sexuality through, the use of art, fashion, music, modeling, TV and film.

This adult oriented publication hopes to disrupt common stereotypes and barriers associated with our indigenous culture. We would like to invite you into the world of Redskin Magazine. Immerse yourself in the opportunity to voice your concerns on any issue of your choice onto the pages of Redskin.
In case you don't understand what "adult" means:

Redskin Rant!Creating a new company and being the first ever in the world to present a format that is considered Adult can be very stressing to say the least. People can be very uneducated in what the term 'adult' really means. Here's what Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia says:

"The term adult describes any mature organism, but normally it refers to a human: one that is no longer a child / minor and is now either a man or a woman. Adulthood can be defined in terms of biology, law, personal character, or social status. These different aspects of adulthood are often inconsistent and contradictory. A person may be biologically an adult, and have adult behavioral characteristics but still be treated as a child if they are under the legal age of majority. Conversely one may legally be an adult but possess none of the maturity and responsibility that define adult character"--

As crazy as that description is…I do not recall seeing the words "pornographic" in that description! Emotional reactionaries who bark without true knowledge and try to bite without learning a universal understanding sometimes surround us. Those are the people that make everyone's lives harder. This ADULT magazine is for Adults, because adults currently have no representation within our 'Skin-Nation'. All the current magazines we have are a needed and provide a great service, but are all geared towards serious issues, education and youth. Redskin Magazine fully supports those publications, but where is the adult represented?
Comment:  Wow, a magazine that finally reveals Natives in all their semi-naked glory. A magazine that shows us how men and especially women can have buffed, bodacious bodies and still be real people. Who would've thought of exploiting Native sexuality to engage readers and make a buck too? I'm amazed no one ever came up with this idea before. I said, a totally creative and innovative idea. Uh-huh, sure.

The real question isn't whether Redskin will be "pornographic." No mainstream magazine could do that and survive. The real question is how bare the women will be. Will they be nude, topless, or just scantily clad? Curiously, the editors don't address this question, which seems like an obvious one to me.

I'd say there are more Native magazines for adults than there are for children. Of course, most of them do current affairs, the arts, and academic studies rather than popular culture. But for popular Native culture, you don't need a magazine, since Newspaper Rock has it all. We cover more pop culture in a week than a typical magazine could cover in three months.

Ranting about Redskin

As for the "Redskin" title, guess my opinion on that and you'll probably be right. A critique of the name practically writes itself. Why doesn't someone do it for me so I don't have to? ;-)

Anyway, I sure hope the sex-oriented Redskin magazine dispels the stereotype of Indians as sex objects and redskins. To dispel other Native stereotypes, maybe they'll have a news section called Smoke Signals. A music section called Flutes & Drums. A money-management section called Wampum. A footwear section called Moccasins. A cosmetics section called Warpaint. A hair-styling section called Scalped. (I could go on.)

If Redskin is a success, they can spin off more stereotype-busting magazines. A women's magazine called Squaw. A child-rearing magazine called Papoose. A home design magazine called Teepee. A fashion magazine called Buckskin. A sports magazine called Warriors. An executive magazine called Chief. (I could go on, and on.)

In short, let's reclaim these derogatory and stereotypical terms from the dustbin of history. Let's start saying them proudly and provocatively to show we're not Uncle Tomahawks. Let's make ourselves as naughty and notorious as the rappers who use "nigger."


For a more serious take on the subject, see Indian Women as Sex Objects. For a case study on the subject, see The Rez Dog Calendar: Role Models or Sex Objects?

Speaking of Native sexuality, someone once claimed Natives used to engage in all sorts of Kinky Indian Sex. Check it out and tell me if he was right.


Anonymous said...

Where are the nekkid men?

Oh, sorry. That's not very "adult" of me, is it?

Yup, I have lots to say on this one. And I just might...

Anonymous said...

And another thing....Never a good sign when a magazine can't correctly spell "merchandise" on its website.

Rob said...

On one of their banners, the ratio of women to men is 5-2. I'm betting it won't be any better inside the magazine.

Has there ever been a magazine that featured an equal number of men and women in equally revealing poses? If so, such magazines are rare.

When a publisher says the content is "adult," it usually means "naked women."

Rob said...

If you want to publish a magazine that showcases naked Indian men rather than women, I think the field is wide open. I suggest you go for it.

I assume you'll want the kind of studly young Indians you see on the covers of romance novels. To emphasize that these Indians are rich and successful rather than lazy or drunk, you could call the magazine Bucks.

Your slogan could be "Young bucks who make bucks." There you have it: another stereotype-busting magazine concept.

Anonymous said...

Damn...I just my get rich yet.

Anonymous said...

Rob, found this one on the web. Closely related to subject matter.


writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Yes, there once was an 'adult' magazine that tried equally to show both men AND women in revealing situations and even text. It was put out by the publishers of PLAYBOY and it was called OUI, lasting from October '72 to June '81 under that banner. Thence it was sold to Laurant Publishers of New York and as of 2006 still was being issued.
That magazine was ahead of its time but who knows if it has been made passe` by the 21st Century?
REDSKIN Magazine does prove that possibly unwise ideas are not limited to EuroMan alone, however. And writerfella suggests that perhaps a title change to SQUAWBOY might or might not raise a few consciousnesses...
All Best
Russ Bates

Unknown said...

Redskin IS a VERY OFFENSIVE!!! Word to American Indians.

WHY??? Don't they publish a magazine called NIGGER!!! Featuring black women???

Unknown said...

I am sorry who published this book again. Man we true natives don't go showing off our bodies. We respect them because these bodies were given to us for us to honor not destroy on some magazine. We think more spiritualy than of a physical aspect of things. And for most of us natives maturity doesn't happen till the age of 45 not before than. I tried to understand it when I was young hating my dad when he would say 45 years of age my daughter not before then man that made me mad because white folks do things differently. Now that I am 45 I understand the whole aspect of it all. Redskins is very offensive to us mostly because we don't teach our children that there is only one color to the medicine wheel. There are 4 major colors of skin and we represent all of them. So you really do need to do some research as to how we true Natives handle our selves. Ask questions at the powwow grounds not one elder will be one to turn down an answer to any of your questions. Hunichia

vb said...

Dumb, and just another 'White" excuse to insult, exploit and insult all Native Peoples..As it holds true for most white used'coined' phrases, no one here did any 'homework' on the reality of the word 'Redskin'its meaning or its origin.

You people need to volunter some of you time and money on the nearest Rez, that would be an eye opener...wonder if you could handle the education, that is if you could manage to be open minded and actually learn.


Anonymous said...

WHAT the HELL is wrong with you????
Are you feeling so bad of yourself as a Quote "Human: Unquote Tha you must go after a beloved race of people that are very merciful and loving and will not strike back at an idiot like you! CREDENTUALS!!!! ha ha! To look at you you went to a school of crack heads! Where did you get the pitiful staff from! Dude , you live and reside obviously in a "MISERY LOVES COMPANY " world! But we as true american NAtives love our mother earth and stand to remain that way! You just rememeber what you make here on earth you WILL NOT TAKE with you! So you cannot hide then on judgement day and you will have to answer to you crap! NOT us nativees! LOve what you want here but the burning is hell!

Anonymous said...

Dear Uninformed You,

have you looked through the magazine? is equally both men and women...featured in the pages, and same for who works to bring these pages to you the reader. the editors are both male and female and their decisions to publish anything are a cooperative decision. the majority of staff in this publication are women...who are native and who do fully support the idea of the magazine. it is a entertainment magazine...entertainment. think about that one for a minute...they aren't trying to change the world, just to give a little bit of a lighter side to life. and no matter what you say about it being degrading or me one male who has not owned or seen a piece of pornography and jerked off to it and degraded a woman throughout their lifetime. don't be such a god damn saint.

beautiful native men and women are being featured in the pages of the magazine in a tasteful non-degrading way... if these aspiring natives weren't given the chance here, where else could they pursue their dreams?... its a chance to be out there...and im sure this so called contraversy is only a good thing for them. at least people read it!...people are PAYING to support their people. friends and family members are very proud i'm sure. they did something, and what can yours say for you?

the magazine supports many different people such as NATIVE fashion designers, photographers, videographers, models, writers, artists, musicians, atheletes...and all these careers require some type of savy to keep head above water...and the wheel keeps on spinning. talent, creativity and freedom are a bitch ain't they, but isn't that just life for them. this is what fabulous is made of. appreciation for who you are and what you do.

so far. no one is prancing through the pages in the absolute NUDE. with their penis flapping about or tits, ass, and vag spread all over the place like the oh so prestigeous PLAYBOY or HUSTLER (which obviously is what your thinking when you think "adult")

and there are magazines directed to youth. SAY MAGAZINE is great! there are many. but there isn't one that is directly aimed to ADULTS...older intelligent people who can understand and accept this idea and the content. this is it. and so far, its loved by many. internationally!

redskin magazine is only the beginning. and its not the worst thing in the world.
go write a blog about rape, drugs, residential schools, poverty, president bush, the war in iraq. be'll love it.

Rob said...

To GodsIndian: I hope you're complaining about the magazine and not about me. It's a little hard to tell.

To D*B: No, I haven't looked through the magazine. As I've explained several times, I'm reacting to the covers and the concept: selling products by using a name that disparages Natives. Stop wasting our time telling us how wonderful the magazine is and start justifying its use of the stereotypical and offensive title "Redskin."

I find it amusing that you're telling me to write about rape, drugs, etc. while you're defending an "entertainment" magazine. Why don't you and Team RSM write about "serious" subjects instead? They're putting out a publication and I'm criticizing that publication. The parallels are exact.

Your implication that I can't address serious and "light" subjects simultaneously is sadly wrong. For instance, I've written and posted a ton of material on the so-called war on terrorism. Read it and educate yourself.

Not that stereotyping is a light issue. You must've missed the last hundred times I explained how it's one of the most serious issues facing Natives. How it influences policy decisions affecting Natives.

Okay, I'll explain it again. Read some of the many quotes on the subject from The Harm of Native Stereotyping:  Facts and Evidence:

"Perception is reality." "Truth is an ally." "Perception becomes public policy, always." These important messages are worth repeating and should become the mantra for all Indian nations.

--"Tell Your Truth to Media," Indian Country Today, 10/4/07

"Perception is as much of a threat as anti-sovereignty legislation. We have to regain control of our image," said Mankiller, who in 1985 became principal chief of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, the second largest tribe with more than 140,000 enrolled members and an annual budget of $75 million.

--"Tribal Leader Urges Students to Tell Their Stories," Associated Press, 6/16/05

Proper and realistic representation in the media is crucial for the protection of American Indian peoples' inherent and treaty rights. The way situations and issues are covered—how the media comes to interpret Indian realities—increasingly drives the making of public policy.

--"Media Impact on American Indian Public Policy Is Important Strategic Key," Indian Country Today, 1/9/06

Anonymous said...

any way where are all those handsome, hung ,smoothbodied,native men?the ones with all that beuatiful blue/black long hair?a stereotype? yes , but i can dream cant i?

Anonymous said...

rob,can i call you a white skin?

Rob said...

If you want to call me a white skin, go ahead. I'm not easily offended, and "white skin" isn't a well-documented insult that's existed for centuries--unlike "redskin."