September 07, 2007

Review of Eye of the Wolf

No One Ever Sees ArapahosWhat I like about a good mystery, think Christie’s work, is how there is more than one prime suspect to confuse things. There are several characters in the story that have the motive and opportunity to kill the victim. Coel’s "Eye of the Wolf" and even after eleven novels does not have that type of experienced layering. She seems to be getting by on her knowledge of Arapaho history. It seems lazy to me.

Vicky Holden does nothing. She sits in a holding pattern for most of the novel up until the anti-climactic ending when the suspect needs a hostage, and seems more a reiteration than a revelation. Of late, the series is becoming more and more about Father John O’Malley and his trials and triumphs in and among the people of the Wind River Reservation overshadow the life and loves of Vicky Holden, who along with the people and communities of the Wind River serve only to elevate Father John to savior status.

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