December 19, 2007

1% Yeagley:  danger or joke?

Report to CERTAIN, the SPLC,, and Z MagazineYeagley only got 102 votes, or slightly over 10%, in an election that also had an extremely low turnout of only 10%. That means that the number of eligible Comanche voters who cast their ballot for Yeagley was about 1%. Already Yeagley's loss has earned him a new nickname in Indian Country, "1% Yeagley."

Yeagley and his supporters, in a rather bizarre denial of reality, claimed victory since he expected to only get "about five votes." Yet elsewhere in Indian Country, Natives that are familiar with Yeagley's chequered career are celebrating his getting his head handed to him.

Yeagley became enrolled with the Comanche Nation by accident, because his stepmother was Comanche. Kiowa disabled rights activist Cinda Hughes investigated and uncovered that it is a fairly open "secret" among Comanches that Yeagley was adopted. Comanche traditions do not allow for banishing anyone, no matter how contemptible their actions or beliefs.

Yeagley is a member of the white supremacist One Nation, which works against American Indians, especially on the issue of tribal sovereignty. He also is a speaker for the notoriously anti Semitic John Birch Society, best known for its bizarre conspiracy theories. Yeagley also is a supporter and associates with members of the National Alliance, the neo-Nazi skinhead group Storm Front (a Storm Front member moderated a section of Yeagley's message board on Jews), the eugenics website Gene Expression, and self described white nationalists and anti immigrant vigilantes the Minutemen.

Yeagley has long been a notorious character in Indian Country. He routinely refers to nonwhites (including American Indians) as "darkies." He has called for the mass murder of illegal immigrants and the mass deportation of all Arabs and Muslims. He frequently describes his admiration for Hitler, Columbus, and the Shah of Iran. Yeagley once compared Janet Jackson to an ape and called Martin Luther King "a blight on history." Yeagley received the strongest criticism when he attacked the Virginia Tech University shooting victims as "cowards."
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Yeagley the Indian Apple.


dmarks said...

You have to admit, the Shah's regime looks rather enlightened compared to what followed.

writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Cinda Lee Hughes is writerfella's 2nd cousin, being the daughter of Gayle Toyebo Hughes Roulain or writerfella's 1st cousin on his Kiowan matriarchal (Paddlety) side. And that woman, though disabled, is tough and sharp and unrelenting. No doubt to Yeagley, she (and writerfella) would be called 'darkies.' Whereas Yeagley, in mayhaps the kindest of parlances, would be one of the 'dorkies'...
All Best
Russ Bates