December 16, 2007

White people didn't kill Indians?

Medved:  Reject the lie of white "genocide" against Natives


dmarks said...

Medved is way off. I remember his radio show. He seemed to take such pride in all the cute insult names he could come up with for anyone he opposed. He once went on and on about how General Wesley Clark is really Weaselly Clark.... whatever. This whole thing seems very similar to Rush Limbaugh having claimed there was no genocide againt Native Americans.

Using Medved's logic, the current president of Iran and those like him do not wish genocide against Israelis merely because they intend to destroy an entire nation of millions and expel/disperse its people, even if it means killing a large proportion of the population in the process. However, I'm pretty sure that Medved calls that genocide.

One thing Suzan Shown Harjo is wrong about, though. Medved comes across as a typical conversative, not a "neo", recent convert, anything.

writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Medved is lucky that the Chixalub asteroid strike wiped out most of the Native peoples on the American continents, else he would be unable to claim that Europeans are guiltless in such genocide. Wait a second! Wasn't it the dinosaurs that the asteroid devastated? Then, what really did cause the deaths of 159,750,000 indigenous humans since 1492? According to Medved, it must remain a mystery...
All Best
Russ Bates