December 26, 2007

Background on Creative Spirit

'Creative Spirit' boosts new talent in HollywoodJames Lujan, Taos Pueblo, planner for SCIC and its subsidiary InterTribal Entertainment, developed the Creative Spirit program. With 15 years of writing, filmmaking and teaching experience, SCIC hired Lujan to run its multimedia division. Lujan created Creative Spirit to provide training and employment opportunities for American Indians in the film industry.

"After I arrived in L.A., I was able to see there was a lot of Native talent in this city, but we weren't coming together as a cohesive community," Lujan said. "We needed opportunities to bring the Native talent together in a professional context."

Creative Spirit puts out a nationwide call for American Indian short film scripts in late summer or early fall. Scripts are read and judged by a panel of industry professionals, who select two for production in Los Angeles. Each production is given a budget, cast and crew. Films have three days to shoot and three to edit, and are screened at the end of the production week.

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