December 28, 2007

Ozan = future of Native music?

Young musician Ozan called the ‘future of Native American music’Evren Ozan, a 14-year-old flute player of Turkish and Native American descent, fascinates listeners with his enchanting performance of Native American music.

The young musician, whose compositions and performances are heard on the radio, in solo concerts and as scores for independent films, is portrayed by music critics as the future of Native American music.

A southern California resident, Evren, who was born in 1993 to a Turkish father and a Native American mother, transmits the Native American music tradition to other generations through his albums.
Comment:  Native music is already stereotyped as a New Age, easy-listening kind of genre. If you ask me, it needs fewer flutes and more rock 'n' roll.

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dmarks said...

" If you ask me, it needs fewer flutes and more rock 'n' roll."

I certainly agree. I once had a couple of Native flute albums, and got rid of them. In contrast, there is one named "Tribal Fires" that I picked up at the Grand Canyon that I love and have nearly worn out (it is an old cassette now).

It is easily found on Amazon, where you will read "It lacks the new-age trappings of too much reverb and electronic "nature sounds." It focuses, instead, on contemporary songwriters with modern themes.". That souns relevant to your statement.