December 30, 2007

Fun stereotypes on Halloween

eBay auctions Red Indian girl, squaw, Pocahontas costumes

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Emerald Dreamer said...

I'm really appalled by seeing these 'happy fun' costumes put on the market these days.

For my 25th birthday, I was extremely lucky and got to go to my first Pow Wow with my mom, sister, and best friends. We all watched in amazement as the dancers began their intricate dances.. What took me most by surprise was the way the Native American men actually RESPECTED the women!! When it was time for the elder females to do their part of the dance, the host requested that everyone stand and take off headgear as a sign of respect. I can count on one hand how many cultures (that I know of) do that.

To create a costume like this.. just destroys it! I'm sure most people don't even know how respected women are in the Native American culture!

I just hope that in the future people learn to respect other people's culture a bit more then turning into some sleazy five and dime costume.