December 16, 2007

Angry Mohawks = cannibals

Man who angers Mohawks is "in danger of being eaten alive"

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
This reminds writerfella of the 'problem' facing the Kiowas, Comanches, Wichitas, Caddoes, Arapahoes, and other tribes in what is now Caddo County of Oklahoma back in 1838 or so. All of these tribes who migrated through that region following bison herds were predated upon by a Caddoan offshoot known as the Tonkawas. Each tribe's history, and those of many others, reveals that the Tonkawas were cannibals. At last, in a rare move for nomadic peoples, warriors from several of the tribes so victimized allied and descended en masse on the Tonkawa stronghold, just outside of what is now Anadarko, Oklahoma. And they forever wiped out from the earth every man, woman, child, old person, horse, and dog that made up the Tonkawa tribe. Travel to the now Kiowa-owned tourist attraction of Indian City, USA, and you will learn that story. The Tonkawa were no more, and just in the nick of time!
All Best
Russ Bates