December 22, 2007

Buffalo means healthier Indians

American Indians rediscovering the long-revered bisonThe Ho-Chunk are reintroducing them to better feed a people plagued by heart disease and diabetes—diseases that accompany high-carb, fast-food diets not native to American Indian culture. American bison, also known as buffalo, for centuries were central to the American Indian diet until herds were slaughtered by settlers and the U.S. military moved tribes onto reservations in the 1800s.

The Ho-Chunk—which vaccinated about 120 bison in last week's roundup—are among 57 tribes in 19 states working to bring back bison to tribal lands.

"We believe that when the buffalo come back, everything else will come back," including the health of the people, said Richard Snake, herd manager for the Ho-Chunk's Muscoda Bison Prairie 1 Ranch along the Wisconsin River bottom in southwestern Wisconsin. Bison meat is lower in fat and calories than beef, pork or chicken, with a flavor similar to beef, only richer and sweeter.

"If you watch old movies, you never see a chubby Indian or a sick Indian," Snake said matter-of-factly.
Comment:  If you watch old movies, I wonder how often you see Plains Indians who actually ate buffalo. And not Navajos or Latinos or Italians pretending to be Plains Indians.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
In actual point of fact, the American bison was not studied well at all, such as species and sub-species and existing ranges, before it quite purposefully was targeted for extinction in a program to bring about Native genocide. True, there likely were whole tribes on both continents who did not predate from the bison at the time of Columbus and afterward, BUT -- if one believes the scenarios of science about the historical diaspora of Natives after crossing the Bering Sea land bridge, then they all must have encountered the bison as they traveled hither and yon on the continent. Before concluding that Natives of Tierra del Fuego NEVER ate bison, one must understand that their origins reveal a differing set of circumstances.
BUT again, when people read writerfella's "Fifth And Last Horseman" in RED SKIN Magazine late in 2008, they will learn the ACTUAL reason that the bison are being brought back from the brink...
All Best
Russ Bates