December 24, 2007

Review of PS 238

When I visited the Eiteljorg Museum in March, I learned about several Native-themed comics I hadn't heard of before. Some were in the Eiteljorg's collection and some were mentioned or brought by my fellow panelists.

I've mentioned a couple of them before, but now it's time to go through them in earnest. Let's start with PS 238.

Williams Heroic Students of PS 238Everyone who grew up loving comic books should check out PS 238 where a group of kids with superpowers rule the school and get into all sorts of mischief. Long before Sky High, Aaron Williams was showing where the next generation of superhero might be getting their diplomas. We catch up with the Dean of Details for a history lesson on this imaginative series.PS 238 #0There are those who would say that the last thing the industry needs is another super-hero parody, and I'll grant that. However, PS 238 is a different take on an old chestnut and it features an age group that is rarely explored in comics before being rapidly aged or killed off to make things more convenient for the writer.Comment:  The last thing the industry needs is another superhero parody.

I mention this series only because an Indian appears in PS 238 #18. He's a ghost who has been condemned to remain at a certain spot on the school grounds. Only one youngster can see him.

On the one hand, he looks like a typical half-naked Indian "brave." He has no tribal identity, heritage, or culture. On the other hand, he sounds like a reasonably modern person. Apparently he's learned the white man's ways after observing us for 200 years.

As for the whole series, it's nothing special. With X-MEN, ASTRO CITY, The 4400, Heroes, et al., the idea of average people becoming superheroes has been done to death. Nor does making them children alter this point. Young heroes also have been done to death: NEW MUTANTS, GENERATION X, TEEN TITANS, YOUNG JUSTICE, et al.

If you loved POWER PACK or the X-Babies, you may like PS 238. If you're like me, you'll probably find PS 238 somewhat confusing and uninvolving with just a little humor and charm. Rob says give it a pass.

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