September 28, 2008

High-tech traditional music

Bear Traks Digital Media set to preserve traditional musicBear Traks began in 2006 by producing local recordings of traditional Native music. Since that time, it has recorded world class champion singing groups such as Midnite Express, Little Otter and High Noon, a world champion group from the Thunderchild First Nation in Saskatchewan.

High-tech digital equipment captures clear voices and resonant drumbeat on location at pow wows or historically significant places across the country where the groups ask Bear Traks to record.

The modern equipment is the tool, but the deep purpose behind what they do is to “maintain the cultural and traditional aspects of our Native people,” notes its Web site,

“One of the driving philosophies behind it,” the younger Teller said of Bear Traks, “is preserving and maintaining the integrity of the traditional music.”

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