September 25, 2008

Tatsey embarrasses himself

Here's proof that not all Indians are wise and not all Indian medicine is worthwhile. Calvin Tatsey, a Blackfeet Indian, got the idea that I was pretending to be gay Kiowa science-fiction writer Russell Bates on my own blog. When I asked him where he got this absurd notion, he said his "medicine" told him.

Apparently Tatsey wanted to embarrass himself further by mocking his own ignorance and the "ignorance" of his so-called medicine. Here's the e-mail he sent when I informed him for the third or fourth time that his medicine was wrong and Russ and I were different people:Ha, Ha, Good, Ha, Ha, Ha, Evening, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha:

Ha, ha, ha, you gay guys always act like you aren't! You're probably sitting at your computer right now, writing, all dressed up in your pinkest panties and wearing your best dress writerfella! Got any heels? Hu, hu, hu, ah-ha, I'll bet you have a closet full of heels, come on now, writerfella, admit it!

Come on now Rob/Russ/writerfella, you can come out of the closet. I won't tell. I've studied Psychology for years, and I've learned that an alter-ego is, such as your writerfella, just a release of something that is too powerful to face-up-to in any other way, or to contain within the Psyche, and it comes out, again, such as your writerfella.

You're just a typical Old Queen, my friend, whichever friend reads this. I'll bet you like young Native American men only, and that's why you're so fixated on the Native American persona. Be honest friend. I know who you are, because my Medicine told me everything.

Be proud of your Gayness and don't ever let anyone dispel your illusions of one day magically changing into a beautiful, Native American Princess, with every young, handsome Native American male at your heeled feet, worshipping your every curve and catering to your every whim and desire.

Be yourself and don't feel that you have to prove anything to me--I know who you are and what you're about.

ps, Please stop hating my Medicine for the exposé.


Calvin Tatsey
My response:  How much of your life did you waste writing this stupid reply? I guess you and your worthless medicine couldn't address any of the points in my last message. So instead you mocked your own ignorance.

Thanks for saving me the trouble of parodying you and your foolish beliefs. You did a fine job of it yourself.

A few more thoughts

There you go...proof that some Indian "medicine" is worthless and some Indians are ignoramuses.

Should we go into Tatsey's obvious prejudice against gays--thinking all homosexuals are "queens" or "princesses"? This is literally, not figuratively, homophobia. Tatsey is afraid some homosexual will come on to him and challenge his masculinity, so he lashes out preemptively with stupid stereotypes.

I wonder...are there other cases of Indian "medicine" lying to its owner? Are these bits of medicine intelligent--and evil? Are they conspiring to make their owners look like fools and idiots? Does this explain why Indians lost the Indian Wars...because too many of them believed their medicine over the facts in front of their faces?

Just kidding, sort of.

P.S. For anyone who's new to Newspaper Rock, I'm a heterosexual WASP with no Indian blood and Russell Bates is Russell Bates.

Below:  Russell Bates and Rob Schmidt. If there's the slightest resemblance, I don't see it.


Anonymous said...

Presumably this was by e-mail? How did this start?

I think if Russ were fictional your arguments with him would be more edifying than they actually are.

Rob said...

Yes, this conflict started in an e-mail correspondence. Tatsey suddenly declared that he "knew" Russell Bates and I were the same person. Other than blaming it on his medicine, he still hasn't explained where he got this bizarre notion from.

If Russ were fictional, his comments would be more edifying than they actually are. I wouldn't waste time telling bad jokes or reminiscing about myself (in the third person, yet) if I were pretending to be someone. I'd stick to the issues just as I do in my blog entries.

NS said...

Thank you for posting this, I am dealing with this man, Calvin "weirdo" Tatsey right now. I own the first Native American site on Ning, this man is jealous, and has made it his life's agenda to try and cause me trouble by doing the same thing in a way of making up lies about me, who my husband is etc. He's a total disgrace to the American Indian people, of which I'm Cherokee, not full blooded! But that's OK, I'm a warrior at heart, and goodness always prevails!

Maxianne (Maxie) Grant said...

Wow. I'm an out transwoman on facebook and someone informed me that Calvin was running around shrieking about how I'm a pedophile.

I am currently signing up to occupy every internet space he does, and I am basically considering suing his ass into poverty for slander.