September 21, 2008

"What if" stories about Indians

The Alternate History List Version 10--27 Apr 1992Anvil, Christopher, "Apron Chains," in Analog Dec 70

W: The scientific revolution arrived early, apparently the result of a 15th- century man's salvation from drowning.

S: The discovery of the Americas is sidetracked by a NASA-like project, while Mexicans plan an expedition of discovery east across the Atlantic.

Carr, Jayge, "The War of '07," in AP

W: When Congress broke the Electoral College tie of 1800, they made Aaron Burr president rather than Thomas Jefferson.

S: Militant Burr begins the move to manifest destiny 40 years early, but he also shows no signs of leaving the White House.

Coulson, Robert, "Soy la Libertad!", in BT

W: Magellan discovered the Americas. 350 years later abolitionists blocked US annexation of Texas.

S: A US Customs inspector considers the disastrous possibilities on a Balkanized NA of the assassination of Texas president Lyndon Johnson.

Counsil, Wendy, "Black Handkerchiefs," in fsf Dec 91

W: After defeating the US in WW2, the Japanese set the AmerInds up as governors of the country.

S: Decades after the war, white Americans meet secretly to enjoy relics of Euro-American culture, and argue with a man who advocates accommodation.

de Camp, L. Sprague, "The Round-Eyed Barbarian," in Amazing Jan 92

W: The Chinese discovered the Americas at about the same time as Columbus.

S: C. 1560, Spanish and Chinese explorers meet in NA, and a dispute over a Spaniard's elopement with a AmerInd girl must be settled.

Deloria, Vine, Jr., "Why the U.S. Never Fought the Indians," in Christian Century 7-14 Jan 76

W: In 1813, southern AmerInds joined with Tecumseh to oppose both the US and Britain in the War of 1812, earning themselves a seat at Ghent.

S: Sharing NA leads to a more humane society, despite such troubles as the presidential succession crisis of 1876 and the buffalo war of 1880.

Eklund, Gordon, "Red Skins," in fsf Jan 81

W: The Americas were discovered in 1219 by a Moslem, but not seriously colonized until Europeans showed up c. 1700.

S: 100 years after AmerInds banded together to handle the immigration problem, Nazi Germany threatens war if scientist-refugees are not returned.

Eklund, Gordon, "The Rising of the Sun," in BT

W: Europe fell to the Moslems and was discovered by the Incas in 1600.

S: In 1899, renegade Arab inventor detonates an atomic weapon over Cuzco just as the city falls to the Aztecs.

Friesner, Esther M., "Such a Deal", in fsf Jan 92 and WM4

W: Rejected by Ferdinand and Isabella, Columbus' voyage of discovery was instead financed by a Jewish Granadan merchant.

S: As the Catholics lay siege to Granada, Columbus' ships return from meeting the Aztecs, and they carry more than gold.

Jones, Douglas C., THE COURT-MARTIAL OF GEORGE ARMSTRONG CUSTER (Scribner's 1976, 0-684-14738-6; Warner 1977)

W: Custer was the sole survivor among the elements of the 7th Cavalry decimated on Custer's Hill, above the Little Bighorn.

S: Army commanding General William Sherman orders Custer court-martialed for disobeying orders and negligence.
Comment:  Vine Deloria's scenario is similar to the one in Eric Flint's 1812. I'd say it's an obvious turning point in Native American history.

Jones's Custer book is excellent. I suggest you find a used copy and read it.

For more on the subject, see Was Native Defeat Inevitable?

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