September 25, 2008

Oneida/Puerto Rican restaurant

Puerto Rican flavor served up at Gali's

Restaurant recently opened on Packerland DriveTamar Cornelius visited Puerto Rico and fell in love with the food. She's betting others in Northeastern Wisconsin will like it, too.

Cornelius and her fiance, Jorge E. Soto Colon, opened Gali's restaurant on Packerland Drive three weeks ago.

"My goal is to bring something to Green Bay I never encountered," she said.

Key ingredients include pork, beef and chicken, rice and beans and plantain, which resembles a banana but does not taste like one and is used more like a potato. Meats are often marinated.

Puerto Rican recipes resemble Spanish and Mexican fare but have other influences as well, including African and Amerindian Taínos.
And:She got financing from Oneida Small Business Inc. She is an enrolled member of the tribe.

"If not for that, I wouldn't have been able to get a loan," she said.

She said there is a surprisingly strong Oneida/Puerto Rican connection. English and Spanish will be spoken at the restaurant.
Comment:  Unfortunately, the article didn't specify what the "surprisingly strong Oneida/Puerto Rican connection" was.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the "surprisingly strong Oneida/Puerto Rican connection" is 1 of 2 things, maybe both.
1. It's all the hot sex she's having with her Puerto Rican boyfriend. 'Cause, you know, they are the Papì Chulos of the Latin world; sex with one of those dudes would make for a "surprisingly strong connection"
2. She's referring to that tired ole "we both believe strongly in "family traditions" line of B.S. It's the same one I get from every ethnic dude I have ever been hit on.

For the record, I'm Puerto Rican, and to say that Puerto Rican cuisine resembles Mexican food is a huge NO NO!
We may all use rice and beans but do so in dramatically different ways, and our food is heavily spiced but NOT spicy. We leave the chili peppers to the homies South o da Border.

(Yo Rob, I'm definitely linking this one...too good to pass up)

Rob said...

Are Puerto Ricans "heavily spiced but not spicy" too? Or is that still a Latin stereotype? ;-)

As a loner and an iconoclast, I wouldn't try a "family traditions" line of BS if I hit on an ethnic gal. Although I see my family a few times a year, I mostly ignore them and they ignore me.

For more of M's thoughts on the subject, see Oneida Woman Opens Puerto Rican Restaurant.