January 06, 2009

Louisiana chief has energy patent

Native American Chief Holds Patent for Viable Energy SourceChief Davis is a man of distinction in Natchitoches Parish. He is known as that on many levels and for many things. He is the chief of the Adai Nation consisting of 1200 people scattered in different parts of the country and the principal Native American tribe in Natchitoches that preceded the French and Spanish settlers of Louisiana. This gives him influence and credibility with many people. Chief Davis straddles his culture and contemporary America as easily as one would straddle a horse to prepare to ride victoriously. His dedication to the preservation of Native North American culture is known throughout the Ark-La-Tex. But Chief Davis is more than an environmentally sensitive individual with historical roots in the soil.

Chief Davis, who studied engineering at the University over a number of years, has been a long term contractor with oil and gas lines and water treatment/and waste disposal systems. His business is located in several locations in the South where he is considered a very successful businessman/consultant. Chief Davis has several patents for inventions in his industry. Now he has a new one that could make the difference in Barack Obama's plan to bring alternative energy sources to the forefront of this country.

The use of sewer systems, Chief Davis said, would allow an alternative energy that meets the needs of people because it harnesses existing equipment and resources.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Tribes Lead on Earth Day and Ecological Indian Talk.

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