March 02, 2010

Red Nation's benefit for reservations

Pre-Oscar Screening for South Dakota AwarenessJoanelle Romero’s Red is Green Carpet Gala & Pre-Oscar Film Festival Screening is making news about Native American disaster hit by recent snowstorms….

Joanelle Romero, founder of Red Nation Film Festival, L.A.’s most prestigious American Indian independent film festival, will host a screening to benefit snowstorm disaster victims in South Dakota. Romero’s rep says the film festival is set for Thursday, March 4, 2010--three nights before the Oscars.

Romero states that “more than ever its time to reach out and give aid in our own country--our American Indian reservations.” Romero has been reaching out to famous friends and performers to join in and help bring national attention to this cause.

The film scheduled to screen is the award-winning film The Ghost Riders (director: V. Blackhawk Aamodt). The Ghost Riders is a spiritual journey into the heart of the Pine Ridge Reservation. The Ghost Riders opens up a door to the past, present and future of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, one of the poorest and harshest areas in the United States, and the people who struggle to survive there.

Keynote Speakers: Moses J. Brings Plenty of the Lakota Nation. A member of the Strong Heart Civil Rights Movement. He is a well-rounded Lakota man who has been standing strong for the rights and future of the Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota people and their well-being.

Chaske Spencer of New Moon Wolf Pack/The Twilight Saga in attendance will speak on issues we face in Indian country on the South Dakota reservations.

Red Nation FILM LAB will be moderated by Red Nation Film Festival founder/actress Joanelle Romero and will speak on PSA campaign on how we can all make a difference and have a long-lasting sustainable effect.

Master of Ceremony: Ellen Snortland former president of the United Nations Association Pasadena chapter currently writes for the Pasadena Weekly & Huffington Post.
Comment:  Chaske Spencer seems to be an activist. He's shown up several times to speak for Native causes.

I could go to this event, since it's here in LA. But I don't know if I want to drive across town during rush hour.

For more on the subject, see PSA for Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and Olbermann Raises $250,000 for Sioux.

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Rob said...

Robin Keene attended this event and posted the following mini-report on Facebook:

A very intimate and friendly Red Is Green Red Nation Film Festival event last night in Los Angeles. It's important to get the word out about the important cause...supporting our brothers and sisters in South Dakota, help get them through this rough winter and build to prevent these elemental disasters in the future. Thank you Joanelle!