March 02, 2010

Russians "adore" stereotypical Indians

Российские Индейцы. They adore IndiansЛюди очень любят индейцев. People like to follow American Indian's way because it is the Way of Nature.

Jinebro posted the following comment on this video:We native peoples are still alive and not some distant past or fairy tale. If these people really cared about us they would boast for better health care for native peoples, protection of sacred sites, removal of indian mascots, the retrieval of our ancestor's remains from universities, the prosecution of all who were in involved in the genocidal boarding schools, and so on. if you wan to experience us alexmahican, experience us in the N O W !Comment:  I presume this video is Russian because of the Cyrillic alphabet. I think Google translates the title to "Russia's Indians."

This is a reasonably accurate reproduction of a Plains-style encampment and mini-powwow. The stereotyping isn't in how well the Russians emulate Indians. It's in their choice of focusing on the Plains Indians of the distant past.

As far as I can tell, these wannabes don't care about today's Indians. Or any other Indians except the ones they've seen in movies and on TV. Their presumption that Plains Indians stand for all Indians is what's stereotypical.

For more on the subject, see Orthodox Wannabe League Considers Themselves Indian and Indian Wannabes.

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