September 02, 2010

Beck:  God ordered Indians killed

Glenn Beck's kind of university teaches Young Earth creationism, fines students $500 for "involvement with witchcraft"

By Ben DimieroIn May of this year, Glenn Beck gave a tear-soaked commencement speech at Liberty University, the largest evangelical Christian university in the world. The speech included Beck's usual over-the-top rhetoric, including his advice to grads that they should "shoot to kill." In a preview of his dramatic recent turn towards hyper-religiosity, Beck declared that God's "finger was on the back of Columbus," and that "God's finger...wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution." He added, "This is God's country. These are God's rights."Beck is basically restating the American doctrine of Manifest Destiny. In other words, that God took the land from the Indians and gave it to the Euro-Americans. In other words, that conquering and killing the Indians was God's will. Hence this posting's title, which is a paraphrase of Beck's position.

What other idiocies does Beck endorse?According to Liberty's curriculum, a "bunch of nonsense" includes the theory of evolution. Liberty's "Center for Creation Studies" states their purpose as promoting "the development of a consistent biblical view of our origins as students. The Center seeks to equip students to defend their faith in the creation account in Genesis using science, reason and the Scriptures." In other words, Liberty teaches its students the scientifically baseless theory that is Young Earth creationism, which posits that the earth is 5,000-10,000 years old and was created exactly how it was described in the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament.For more on the subject, see Conservative Rallies = White Self-Pity and Glenn Beck:  Racist or Ignoramus?.


Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think that Glen Beck is turning into Hitler. I don't get his appeal at all but a lot of people do and they blindly follow him.

Burt said...

The only reason Beck spews this ignorance and division is mainly because he has support. Beck's rationale and mindset is extremely stupid. He is an entertainer that keeps the old myths and racial divides alive in what many Americans falsely believe and define reality through fear. Most Americans are too busy with making a living getting shortchanged with taxation and have real angers toward the government, but for some reason I keep seeing and hearing with Tea Partiers and Beck, a form of white privilege that dates back to colonial times and throughout American history.

Whenever a few disgruntled whites get threatened or angered at laws, governing, media, minorities, women, non-Christian or non-populous events, these privileged put their mark on the pulse of legislation and public opinion to challenge the nations progress and evolution from moving forward as a growing, struggling, peaceful and sometimes successful civilization.

They are the last of the angry and ignorant paloe-european American privileged immigrants.

Every other ethnic and minority group has been silenced, murdered and even adapted to the greater cause of this nation at great costs as the Japanese did going from internment camps into the 100th 442nd Regimental Combat team; the thousands of Native codetalkers and vets that serve a nation only to be disenfranchised still today. If Beck and the Tea Partiers were true patriots, they would simply shut their mouths and take the comforts and conveniences freedom affords them as thier small sacrifice or contribution, when and why not the privileged whiteman?

Remember how this nation and government dealt with dissent from the American Indian Movement; the Black Panthers and today, the Mexican nationals? Why is the Tea Party such a protected racial voice?

I do not believe all whites are responsible and as a matter of fact, most of white America is ready to move forward to change and progress. Division profits those at the top, and Beck is one of them. I do not buy into the liberal or conservative divide either, because that is what feeds the rich.

dmarks said...

You should have left the Black Panthers (a blatantly racial supremacist group) off your list. They are as bad as the KKK, and deserve strong derision, and when they commit crimes, to be locked up.

Burt said...

Yes, I agree, but my point was the extent of the Feds intrusion and monitoring into minority groups and activists affairs. Remember, the American Indian Movement was also deemed a "terrorist" organization, but they also encouraged planting gardens as self sustenance, educational programs for youth and children and elderly programs as well. The main focus was to get away from then Lakota Tribal Chairman Dick Wilsons' dictatorial and violent reign over the tribe and most of the traditionals supported AIM over the tribal government, which was supported and armed by the Nixon administration.
Even though you disagree with what the Black Panther Party stood for, you cannot deny that they were not killed off by the feds.
The violent and radical Weathermen underground movement went on to become professors and writers, and the feds were alot more lenient on these guys, can you tell me why?