November 23, 2010

3rd season for Arbor Live

Rock Hilarity to Continue As Arbor Live Picks Up 3rd SeasonFans of APTN’s Arbor Live will be sleeping easy for the next year, as the program as been picked up for a third season and season two will re-air starting December 7, 2010 running through to March 2011.

If the second season was any indication of the program’s penchant for outdoing itself, fans have much to look forward to. This last season built on the success of the first by featuring guest musical performances from international sensations like The Crystal Method. Tommy Lee, Slayer, Chickenfoot, Zakk Wylde, Black Label Society, Staind, The Scorpions, Fishbone and Mastadon. Staying true to its Canadian roots, the season also featured emerging Aboriginal and Canadian talent such as Suzie McNeil, Grady, Chantal Kreviazuk, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Mother Mother, Shane Yellowbird, Moneen Priestess, Domenica and You Say Party!

Likened to a musical cross between The Larry Sanders Show and The Office, the premise of Arbor Live centres around three Native guys running a fast-paced music variety show with complete ineptitude. Rock-guitarist Stevie Salas plays the show’s host, alongside his comedic director “Steelbird” and their “assistant,” played by movie star Eric Schweig.
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