November 28, 2010

Navajos in Emerging 200 Initiative

Navajo entrepreneurs reach for the next level

By Cindy Yurth[Darrell] Yazzie, who co-owns Round Rock Trading Post with his father, can quote from his company's mission statement and explain its value proposition.

He'll tell you off the top of his head what percentage of the store's revenue comes from groceries, and how much of that is purchased by food stamps.

Want details? Just a minute, let him go through his briefcase. Don't even get him started on his five-year plan.

Yazzie is not an MBA. He doesn't even have a bachelor's degree. But he is one of eight small businessmen--including six Navajos--who recently completed the Emerging 200 Initiative (abbreviated "e200") in Gallup.
Comment:  For more on Navajos in business, see Navajo Company Expedites Fingerprints and Navajo Pair Is BRAVE.

Below:  "Anthony Arviso, a physical therapist and owner of Enchantment Physical Therapy poses, with his plaque recently in Gallup." (Special to the Times/Donovan Quintero)

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