November 30, 2010

Cultural Appropriation Bingo

Someone named Elusis posted this on her LiveJournal blog back in January 2009:

In her Native Appropriations blog, Adrienne Keene explained why she reposted this item:Not only to point out the ignorance of commenters on the Internet, we all knew that already, but to point out how cliched and cyclical this conversation is. That awesome bingo card? Made at least a year ago. This, sadly, isn't new. These arguments continue to be brought up, and marginalized voices speaking out continue to be dismissed.Comment:  Not only does this point out how clichéd the arguments are, but how weak and interchangeable they are. When people defend something like an Indian mascot, they don't have to come up with original arguments. They could throw darts at this card and put together a string of rationalizations.

In other words, they aren't thinking. They're regurgitating pat answers they heard before.

When you challenge their pat answers, they've got nothing else to say. For instance: "I don't find this offensive." "When many Natives are offended, who cares what you think?" Silence.

Anyway, next time we have a lengthy debate about something--e.g., a hipster headdress--I'll try this bingo card. It'll be fun to see if I "win."

For more on criticism, see Rob Plays "Oppression Olympics"? and Solving Problems with Critical Thinking.

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