November 18, 2010

Global Gaming Expo 2010 (Day 4)

Continuing my report begun in Global Gaming Expo 2010 (Day 3):

After worrying about it for months, Victor finally moderated his Indian gaming panel. Here's the event in question:

G2E Turns TenAlso keynoting the event will be a "Meet the Press" style panel called, "Tribal Crossfire–Native American Leaders Roundtable." The panel will be moderated by Victor Rocha, the owner and editor of–-a leading source of tribal and gaming information on the Internet.

Panelists include: Honorable Leslie Lohse, chairwoman, California Tribal Business Alliance; Kurt Luger, executive director, Great Plains Indian Gaming Association; Sheila Morago, executive director, Arizona Indian Gaming Association; Daniel J. Tucker, chairman, California Nations Indian Gaming Association, and Mark Van Norman, executive director, National Indian Gaming Association.
Anyway, everyone thought Victor did a fine job and the discussion went well.

We spent the rest of the day at our booth. I got one more chance to walk around the floor and take pictures. Everyone thought the show was better than previous years. People stayed until closing time, which they usually don't do.

We returned to our room and packed. Before leaving, we had dinner with Victor's mom at Lindo Michoacán, a local restaurant with authentic Mexican food. Finally we headed back across the desert--a long drive I tolerated by browsing the news and playing Scrabble on Victor's iPad.

For more on the subject, see The Facts About Indian Gaming.

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