April 03, 2011

Turbaned Indian offensive, Chief Wahoo okay

Facebook thinks Indian Mascots are okay, and everything else is racism...they censored me for "offensive material"

By Mike RattleThis morning I logged onto my Facebook profile to find that a report of racism or offensive material had been filed to Facebook, and they removed the picture from my wall. They left the copy of it in my album pointing out I believe it to be racist, but if I put it on my wall it I am guessing it then becomes “offensive and racist.” This of course proves the point that many others, myself, and even the American Indian Movement have been arguing for years; Indian mascots are racist, hurtful and derogatory, Since the image I posted does in fact look just like the Cleveland Indians logo, but just with a turban instead of a feather; it proves the point if such a thing were done to other people, they would find it offensive too. I could probably sit here and talk about the Cleveland Indians on my page, and post the picture of their logo my wall numerous times a day, 7 days a week, every day of the month, and nobody would be able to get them taken down. After all, those kinda images are “Honoring Natives” right? This proves the point that mascots are institutionalized racism that only targets natives, and that is okay to both Facebook and Non Indian America because as a friend put it today “What's that tell ya about us ndn's?” His way of course of pointing out how nobody gives a damn about Indians. Racism in this country is seen as wrong unless it's Institutionalized, and directed against Native Americans.Comment:  This is a perfect example of why Indians keep "winning" the Oppression Olympics.

For more on the subject, see Mascot Song/Chief Dishonor and Mascots = Killers or Idiots.

Below:  Which image is racially offensive?

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