January 11, 2007

Koda is back

Companion characters emerge in new edition of Indian Superhero comic bookWhen last we left our hero, he was getting to know his new companion, Benny the Rez Dog. Now, in the colorful pages of a new edition of the comic book series, "KODA The Warrior," Benny is along for adventure right from the start and other companions join the battle too.

Illustrator Mark L. Mindt has grown the cast of characters who join KODA, an American Indian superhero, in the third edition of the educational comic book series. KODA means "friend" in the Dakota language. Mindt introduced the action hero to school audiences in two previous volumes.

This story, "Healing Time," begins on the Couer D' Alene Reservation in Idaho and leads through Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota.

"Benny the Rez Dog is now the traveling companion," said Mindt. "Like KODA, when the need arises, he assumes the shape of another creature with super powers. He shifts into his secret identity as the Coyote."
Comment:  I first reported on this comic back in 2004 in KODA the Didactic Warrior. I just came across this followup article.

Unfortunately, the first issue of KODA wasn't very good. But kudos to Mindt for continuing to publish the series. Lord knows it's difficult when you're a self-publisher. <g>

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