November 05, 2007

Cultural tourism at Santa Ana

Santa Ana Pueblo draws on cultural tourism for successBurns said the state's niche market as a culturally interesting destination remains strong today and has proved to be a valuable asset for the Pueblo of Santa Ana.

"People who come to visit New Mexico are usually looking for some sort of culture anyway," Burns said.

Closed to the general public except on feast days, Santa Ana is among the most private of the 19 pueblos in the state. Cultural opportunities at the resort allow tourists to explore pueblo culture without traveling into the pueblo, Burns said.

The resort offers classes in pottery making and traditional outdoor bread baking.
Comment:  This is an interesting effort to have the best of both worlds: a public resort and casino that earns income and a private pueblo where visitors aren't allowed.

Below:  I drove by this point once. It's near the border of the Santa Ana reservation in New Mexico. I believe the pueblo is hidden in this landscape; maybe the resort and golf course are also. As I recall, the casino was on the main highway, although that may have changed.

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