November 01, 2007

Dances with Wolves sequel

Director set for 'Wolves' sequel

Simon Wincer signs on to 'The Holy Road'Film, which is being presented to international buyers at AFM, is penned by Michael Blake, who wrote the screenplay for "Wolves" as well as the two novels on which the two films are based.

Story picks up 11 years after "Wolves" as the Comanche tribe is in steady decline and the threat of white settlers looms. The title "Holy Road" refers to the transcontinental railroad, which is a symbol of the clash of civilizations.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Such notices and rumors about an ostensible sequel to DANCES WITH WOLVES have been making the rounds of entertainment circles for years and this likely only is the latest of them. Note that, though a director now is attached, the project still is seeking financial support. And that such support is being sought internationally, perhaps meaning that domestic financing has not been forthcoming. The original novel indeed was about Comanches in what is now Texas and not about the Sioux in or near The Black Hills, which was one of many accommodations made to the original director/producer, Kevin Costner. As recently as Spring 2006, Michael Blake was making the rounds of the southwest, trying to interest Native tribal financial support in such a sequel and making note that Kevin Costner was not attached to the project whatsoever. There are casting calls being made, as reported to writerfella by his actor uncle, but so far 'the project' is the only name being bandied about. Will it come to pass? Don't miss the next inaction-packed episode, Chapter Thirteen of THE CLUTCHING HAND, at this theater next (week)(month)(year)(decade){pick one}!
All Best
Russ Bates