November 08, 2007

Looking for an authentic Indian

Play pokes fun at culture of convenienceIn the future, plague and natural disaster force society to condense into sanitized cities and rely on technology for most human contact. Henry Carson, the main character, is manager of the Native American Pavilion exhibit at Wonder World, a theme park where people come to peek into the past.

When one of his stocks dies, Carson is forced to venture into the wild to find an authentic American Indian to complete his exhibit. The play examines race in an unconventional way and forces people to ask, what is authentic?

Carson's authentic American Indian turns out to have a dark family connection to him dating back generations.

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writerfella said...

Writerfella here --
Hmm, the white dude resembles Colin Farrell quite a lot. Perhaps writerfella should investigate this play and let them know he is 'authentic'...
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Russ Bates