November 07, 2007

Oprah removes Little Tree

Disputed Book Pulled From Oprah Web SiteOprah Winfrey has pulled a discredited children's book, Forrest Carter's "The Education of Little Tree," from a list of recommended titles on her Web site, blaming an archival "error" for including a work considered the literary hoax of a white supremacist.

"The archived listing was posted in error and has been removed," Winfrey spokeswoman Angela DePaul told The Associated Press on Tuesday, adding that she did not know long "Little Tree" had been on the site.
Winfrey knew about the book's problems: Winfrey had long been aware of the book's background and has acknowledged she once was a fan. She discussed "Little Tree" on her TV show in 1994, recalling a "loving story about a boy growing up with his grandfather and learning about nature and speaking to the trees. And it's very spiritual."

When Winfrey learned the truth about Carter, she felt she "had to take the book off my shelf."
Comment:  This isn't the first mistake Oprah has made re Indians. It's at least the second.

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