February 06, 2008

Artist invents "piano" tribe

Salvaging tribal history"I've done a lot of sculptures, and the piano seemed to be a great resource for a lot of interesting objects. As I put these different parts together, they started taking on the look of different Native American artifacts--like masks reminiscent of tribal masks," Frassinelli said.

In the process, he realized these artifacts were telling a story of a fictional tribe. He called that tribe the "Pianistas."

Since then, Frassinelli has been constructing the history of the Pianistas through his inventions. His exhibit Legend of the Pianistas is on display at Studio 370 at Holliston High School until March 7.

"It's a tribe that made best of use with what's around them, like most Native Americans do. But this tribe only had pianos at their disposal," said Frassinelli.

The tribe made weapons, ceremonial objects, jewelry, totem poles, masks and figurines, which are on display at Studio 370.

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