May 02, 2008

Adam Beach at NIGA

Adam Beach:  ‘Our Worst Enemy Is Us’A member of the Saulteaux Tribe of Manitoba, Canada, Beach indicated his support for gaming in Native America and encouraged future generations to show interest.

"Everything's a cycle," he said. "It takes three generations to make a change, and if we as the younger generation don't participate and look at the future of gaming within ourselves, we're going to lose the strength to push forward.

"It's important just to participate, to learn where our new direction is going."
His planned Internet venture:Beach said he is "putting together an Internet TV show, basically using the Internet to profile who we [Native Americans] are and what we're doing, just change that perspective more than what Hollywood can do."

Beach said he hopes that the show, which he expects to start shooting as early as July, would depict lives of people he has known.

"I have friends who are in gangs, I've been talking to a lot of people who are in prostitution and talking to a lot of people who are senators, wealthy businessmen, actors, writers, lawyers," he said. "I'm trying to address every issue that needs to be told and talked about, from success to struggles."
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