May 05, 2008

Democratic values = Indian values

Native American Superdelegates growing in importance and numbersFree, a Choctaw Indian who once ran for Congress was also interviewed by the Native American Times. How will the participation of Native Americans at the convention affect Indian people, the Democratic Party, and you? “I always say that 'Little Indian boys and girls cannot be what they cannot see.' We will have an historic number of Indian delegates at the National Convention--which will be a wonderful opportunity for us to inspire the youth to follow in our footsteps, not just to become active as voters, but as party activists and leaders, and ultimately as candidates and elected officials.”

“The Democratic Party’s values are the values of Indian people: taking care of the elderly, the children, those less fortunate, giving a helping hand to those who need it the most. The Democratic Party is about “We” not “Me,” which is so in tune with our Indian values. Key Democratic Party leaders like Chairman Dean know and appreciate this. The Democratic Party under his leadership has reached out in immeasurable ways to include Indians at all levels of the Party. Having Indian delegates at the convention will showcase that Indians are 'coming home' to a place where we are respected, valued, and needed most,” Free said to the Native American Times.
Comment:  For more on the subject of values, see Hercules vs. Coyote:  Native and Euro-American Beliefs.


dmarks said...

If either Dem candidate goes ahead with the entirely-unneeded promised tax rate increases, the "we" party will be revealed not as a "me" party, but as a "gimme" party.

Speaking of gimme, I wonder if McCain, Obama, or Clinton will have the decency to refuse their Presidential salaries if they are elected. They are all three millionaires, especially McCain and Clinton.

Rob said...

How would you pay off Bush's world-record deficits without raising taxes? I trust you won't say something as naive as "cutting government waste and fraud."

How about if we just end the temporary tax cuts for the wealthy? That alone would help rescue the country from Bush's fiscal incompetence.