May 15, 2008

Seven Cities of Gold video game

Speaking of lost cities, as I did with the new Indiana Jones movie and the old Mysterious Cities of Gold cartoon, here's a bit on a video game. From correspondent DMarks:By the way, have you heard of the vintage computer game "Seven Cities of Gold"? It put you in the role of a conquistador organizing an expedition to the New World. I remember playing it on Atari. Looking back, I remember it involved trading with or slaughtering Incas, Aztecs, and other "Novamundians" (ha). As I recall, you could not get away with trying to slaughter all the Aztecs or Incas, because they would swarm and wipe you out. However, the loners (representing small low-population tribes) further to the north could be taken out with little consequence. I recall encounters with the large cities for the purpose of trade or annihilation involving swarms of stick-figure Natives moving around a stick-figure chief.The Seven Cities of GoldThe Seven Cities of Gold is an award-winning adventure game created by Dan (later Danielle) Bunten (and the game development team Bunten founded, Ozark Softscape) and published by Electronic Arts in 1984. The player takes the role of a late-15th century explorer for Spain, setting sail to the New World in order to explore the map and interact with the natives in order to win gold and please the Spanish court. The name derives from the "seven cities" of Quivira and CĂ­bola that were said to be located somewhere in the American Southwest.Comment:  No, I hadn't heard of it. My video-game experience doesn't go much further than the original Pong.

For more on the subject, see Video Games Featuring Indians.

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