July 05, 2008

2nd Monument Valley Film Festival

Navajo film festival set for this weekendLooking for a unique way to celebrate America's birthday?

Try the second annual Monument Valley Film Festival in Kayenta, Ariz. The festival showcases a collection of films written, produced or directed by the country's native residents.

American Indian filmmakers from across the country submit films to Shonie De La Rosa, owner of the Kayenta-based Sheephead Films and organizer of the festival. De La Rosa has produced several films set on the Navajo Nation, including "Mile Post 398" and "G Methamphetamine." He organizes the film festival to help other aspiring filmmakers gain recognition.

"The majority of Native American film festivals are held off reservations in cities like Phoenix, Los Angeles and Albuquerque," he said. "We wanted to bring more native films to the Navajo people because a lot of people don't get the chance to travel and see them, so we hold the festival right smack in the middle of the reservation."
2nd Annual Monument Valley Film Festival

Comment:  The Indian maiden in this video is supposed to be Pocahontas. I have one of these Pocahontas toys.

For more on the subject, see The Best Indian Movies.


Anonymous said...

I doubt the doll is supposed to be pocahontas, rather a native female who could be anyone, and most likely in the plains as opposed to pocahontas' neck of the woods.

The Tipi and desert are a dead giveaway.

Oh but you have a doll to back up where that ndn doll-girl in the film is from. Maybe you should tell the creators of that lil shortfilm that he got it all backwards and thats not the way pocahontas went.

Rob said...

I got the toy in its original packaging. It's definitely supposed to be Pocahontas. I know this because the packaging said "Pocahontas."

Shonie de la Rosa made the video. He probably knew the toy was supposed to be Pocahontas. But even if he didn't, it doesn't matter.

He was obviously spoofing Native stereotypes. Whether the toy represented Pocahontas or another Indian princess, it fit the bill. A Woodlands maiden in a Plains teepee in the Southwest desert...all part of the fun.