July 02, 2008

"Go back where you came from"

After she read this posting, Latoya Peterson of Racialicious was shocked. She couldn't imagine that someone would tell a Native to "go back where you came from."

But it happens. I checked BlueCornComics.com and found several instances of this absurdity. Go here to see how I and others responded to Latoya's dismay.


Anonymous said...

Less shocked at the happening. More shocked at the audacity of some people. How are you not going to see the irony in making a statement like "go back to where you came from?"

Ignorance continues to astound me.

Anonymous said...

The "natives" are descended from Asian colonisers, just like the Anglo-Celtic Americans are descended from the Europeans who founded and built America. The fact the Europeans came after the Asians does not make those descended from the prior Asian colonisers "natives". Those that are descended from the Europeans that founded the United States and built the country are the true natives, for without the original European colonisers, there would be no United States today!

Rob said...

For my responses to your comments, Anonymous, see Did Indians "Colonize" America? and No Colonization, No United States?