July 11, 2008

A marshal walks into an Indian bar...

White:  Opportunities abound for new prezOn a recent television show, there was an exchange that caught my attention. A U.S. Marshal walked into an Indian bar in Albuquerque and asked the bartender to name all of the occupants of the bar. He politely declined. The Marshal threatened to go "all Great White Father from Washington and Little Bighorn" on him. The barkeep patiently explained that first of all, the whites lost at Little Bighorn; and second, it was his first day, so he didn't know any of the occupants of the bar.

It helps to know your stuff when you strut into unfamiliar territory.
Comment:  The rest of this article is about presidential politics. What I'm curious about is where this scene appeared. I haven't a clue what show it was on.

(See the comments for the answer.)


Anonymous said...

It was on the first episode of In Plain Sight. It's a new crime show about a couple of marshalls who work in the witness protection program.

Rob said...

Thanks. Kevin White confirmed this via e-mail.